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About Mo

Hello there! I'm Mo, the shorter female half of He Hi She Lo and in fact it was during a chat about crystals at my house one night that we came up with the name and if you have ever met us together you will know why we are called this! Indeed, I will have met many of you when I have been working with Steve at the many shows and festivals that he attends up and down the country.

My journey, so far, has been magical. I worked in the City for many years in the field of people development - from HR and Training through to Career Coaching and Development.

What I discovered during these years is that we all have the resources within us to be the best we can and that sometimes we benefit from a bit of help to discover exactly what those resources are and how to build on them.

I feel blessed to have met and worked with so many extraordinary people not only in the corporate world but also in the world of complementary therapies. I embarked on my Reiki path in 1998 becoming a Reiki Master in the traditional Usui School in late 1999. It was during my Reiki training that Steve introduced me to the
MoPage2world of crystals and what a world it is, quite literally. I am always thrilled by their beauty and can often be found peering through a magnifying glass and marveling at their structure. And as for the colours…..!

Steve's knowledge of crystals is both broad and deep and he truly loves what he does. He is a great teacher to work with, so my learning continues apace. What a lucky lady I am.

If you would to find out more about He Hi She Lo, please do get in touch.