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Banded Flint Slice No9


Banded Flint Polished Slice

This is a gorgeous slice of Banded Flint from Poland that has been polished all over to achieve a nice sheen.

Flint can be found all over the world but what makes this particular slice unusual is the internal structure and layering. This type of flint, called banded flint, was first laid down in Limestone in the Jurassic Period in Poland around 160 million years ago in the area of Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski.

The irregular banding makes it a very attractive slice.

Flint was almost a sacred stone to ancient man, indeed, many were often buried along with their Flint axes, knives and spears to help them in the afterlife.

Size approx. 38mm x 38mm x 8mm
Weight approx. 20grms

Flint Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Flint is thought to be beneficial in the treatment of kidney stones. It is also said to help with liver disorders, lung disorders and with digestion problems.

Flint helps those of us who are disorganised or "scatterbrained" to be more comfortable in our body when we need to be and to work better in the physical world. Flint also helps us to overcome shyness and it promotes both intimate and personal experiences. Those who are much too focused on past hurts and traumas will benefit from Flint as it helps to calm down emotional drama and helps us to move on with our life once again.

Flint is an excellent stone for those who do readings, channelling or mediumship as it helps us to express more clearly information received from psychic sources. Flint helps to ground our energy fields and bring us light energy to assist with Earth healing. It helps to align all our Chakra points and brings our subtle energies into alignment. It is also said to replenish spiritual life into the physical body. Flint guards against nightmares and is thought by some to remove negativity from haunted places.


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