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Blue Jade Pendant


Blue Jade Pendant

Gorgeous Blue Jade pendant featuring a highly polished stone with striations running from top to bottom.

The stone itself is a freeform shape and hangs beautifully.

The whole is set in sterling silver and is stamped as 925 on the reverse.

Do please be aware that there is a teeny weeny (1mm) "dink" in the silver on the left hand side. It would be great if it wasn't there, but there we are. The price reflects this tiny mark.

Size (incl. bail) approx. 45mm x 29mm
Weight approx.11grms

Blue Jade Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Blue Jade is believed to help in treating cases of hyperactivity. It is also believed to help in the treatment of both arthritis and inflammation of the joints. It may also help with asthma and bronchial conditions and with blood circulation. Blue Jade is often thought of as bringing a feeling of warmth to the person holding it.

Blue Jade is extremely helpful to those of us who feel rushed, anxious, stressed or simply overwhelmed. It is an uplifting stone and can help us to remain cool and calm, even when we are stressed. It also helps to relieve anger and frustration. and is sometimes referred to as a "Philosophers Stone" as it helps us to see things from above, to see the bigger picture, and not to get caught up in life's day to day dramas. Blue Jade can also help us to think about what we have said and done in the past, any lessons we may have learned in the past, and how all of these may affect our life now. Blue Jade stimulates both expansive and rational thinking, helps to make us more creative and engenders a sense of harmony.

Blue Jade is an excellent stone for those who wish to become mediums as it helps us to hear the voice within and to consider what we are hearing. It also helps us to hear the voice of our own spirit guide and the voice of our own heart. It stimulates our innate psychic abilities and makes us more aware of the spiritual things around us. Blue Jade helps to promote visions and dreams, enhances meditation and helps us to arrive at decisions based on our own spiritual knowledge and learning.


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