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Blue John Polished Slice


Blue John Polished Slice

This is a really wonderful natural piece of Blue John from the mine near Castleton in Derbyshire.

It's a section through a larger piece of Blue John that had formed at a jaunty angle on its matrix.

It has been polished on both sides and will make a fantastic display piece.

This piece shows quite a deep indigo colour in a background of lovely yellow. There are some smaller areas of a light cream colour also present.

It is 100% genuine and 100% natural Blue John.

A home grown crystal, but one you don't see for sale that often due to it's rarity.

Size approx. 110mm x 70mm x 10mm
Weight approx. 156grms

Blue John Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Blue John, which is a rare variety of Fluorite, helps us when we need strength, vigour and when we need to overcome fatigue. It promotes the assimilation of minerals and gives us a feeling of health and well-being. Blue John has been used in the treatment of chills, hypothermia, emphysema and joint stiffness. It can also enhance our own natural healing abilities.

Blue John is an excellent stone for helping us to face the unknown, giving us courage and the desire to explore the new. It promotes altruism and spontaneity, encourages experimentation and provides us with a better understanding of others. A great stone for change and fresh beginnings - or even for changing our lives altogether. Blue John also helps us with precision and dexterity, accounting and computing and also enables us to extricate ourselves from undesirable situations. It also helps to ensure that we consider the highest good when making any decision.

Blue John is an excellent stone to use in large scale, even global, meditations. It helps us to remain unafraid when undertaking a spiritual journey, can promote visions of the future whilst allowing us to remain detached as an observer, and helps us to be come more aware, not only of our own planet, but also of the existence of other planets too.


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