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Cacholong Opal Polished Slice No3


Cacholong Opal

This super slice of Cacholong Opal comes from Russia and is actually a mix of White Opal and fine grains of Chalcedony.

It you just glance at it, it looks white, but look closer and it is white with very subtle shades of blue/grey and/or cream. This creates a lovely subtle sheen that perhaps looks like porcelain.

We couldn't pin down why this stone is actually called Cacholong Opal, some people saying that the name derives from milk or the colour of milk, others saying that it means Beautiful Stone whilst others say that it is simply a made up name to distinguish this stone from other forms of White Opal.

Wherever the name comes from, this is a very nice slice indeed !

Size approx. 45mm x 42mm x 5mm
Weight approx. 17grms

Cacholong Opal Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Cacholong Opal is believed to offer help during pregnancy and is said to provide both comfort and support during the actual birthing process.

Cacholong Opal is said to make any person holding this stone welcome in any group of people. It is a stone that helps us to achieve the right outcome when we have to make decisions in our life and it is often said that this property makes this stone ideal for lawyers, doctors, teachers and politicians to carry on them. Cacholong Opal is a soothing, gentle, feminine stone and one that is ideal for sensitive people who may find themselves overwhelmed by more powerful stones and crystals. It also helps to relieve stress, worry and depression and helps to reduce anger. Because it is so calming and gentle Cacholong Opal is an excellent stone for those who are overcoming the emotional trauma of abuse. Lastly, Cacholong Opal is often thought of as a love stone, helping us to feel the love we have in our own heart and attracting to us those who feel the same way towards us.

Cacholong Opal makes it easier for us to receive information from the higher dimensions and helps to increase our psychic and spiritual awareness. Cacholong Opal works mostly on our crown chakra and helps us to cleanse, clear and purify our own energy field by bringing in colour and light to our chakras.


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