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Celestite Tumble Stone

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Celestite Tumble Stone

These are really lovely Celestite tumbles, lovely grade of stone and a lovely colour !

Celestite is notoriously difficult to tumble as the stone itself is quite soft and if you have a lot of them together bumping into each other, they leave white "contact" marks and "dents" on one another where they have touched. Not quite all, but very nearly all Celestite tumble stones are marked like this in some way or other - whoever you buy them from.

As you can see from the second picture we've popped each separate stone into its own little bag to ensure minimal contact marks right up until you buy them and unwrap them !

Tumbled Celestite is such a lovely stone - even if you have to put up with a few white marks here and there !

Size Medium, approx. 20-25mm
Weight approx. 14grms

Celestite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

An excellent healing stone. Useful in treating disorders of the eyes and the ears. Eliminates toxins from the body and brings order to the body's cellular structures. Celestite can help with balancing mental dysfunctions. It is also useful in the treatment of digestive disorders and the intestinal tract. Celestite also balances our Ying Yang energy.

Celestite is very much an uplifting stone. It helps to lift heavy moods and is elevating and regenerative. It brings harmony, peace and balance to the user and is a great aid in dispersing worries. Celestite can aid communication, clear speech and creative expression. It is a stone that can inspire us and increases our levels of intuition. Celestite helps us with the analysis of complex ideas and helps us to become more rational. It is an excellent stone to have around you if you are involved with creating music or if you undertake arts and crafts of a delicate nature. Celestite also attracts good fortune and helps to foster love and respect within ourselves.

Celestite is a spiritually uplifting stone. It helps to awaken our own sense of spirituality, to express our own spiritual thoughts and needs, and provides us with connection to both the Spiritual and Angelic realms. It aids clairvoyant and clairaudiant communication. It is a stone that helps us to acknowledge our own spirituality and to acknowledge the gifts of the Divine. A superb stone for use in meditation, a fabulous aid to Astral Travel and extremely useful in dream recall.


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