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Celestobarite Part Polished No2


Celestobarite Part Polished

Here we have a nice slice of natural Celestobarite from Gloucestershire that has been polished on the front to bring out the colour and pattern, and left natural on the reverse for contrast.

It is a lovely tan colour with ribbons of contrasting colour along the top and bottom.

Always popular, these slices of Celestobarite display very well and, of course, it also has some excellent metaphysical benefits too.

Size approx. 75mm x 70mm x 15mm
Weight approx. 243grms

Celestobarite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Barite is beneficial both for the brain and for our memory too. It stimulates our vision, calms the stomach, soothes the nervous system and helps with sore throats. It helps us when we need to detoxify or to remove toxins from the body. Barite helps us when we are suffering from chronic fatigue and also assists us in recovering from addictions.

Barite is a very motivating stone, ideal for cleansing and rebalancing the entire chakra system, and one which provides us with the incentive to "go for" our dreams without restraint. It releases old and trapped emotions, fears and obsessions, that may have been repressed for a very long while, and in clearing these, allows us to attain personal freedom for ourselves. With Barite we no longer have to be at other peoples beck and call, we do not have to conform to the ideas of others, nor do we have to think what our group thinks. We can overcome shyness, organise and focus our mental abilities and express our own thoughts. Barite also enhances friendship, harmony and love and helps us to better see where our boundaries lie. It also provides us with a better insight into any relationships we may be in.

Barite helps us in connecting to the highest guidance and in channeling high frequency energies for use in healing. It stimulates dreaming and also helps us to recall our dreams more easily. When meditating with Barite it helps us to connect with our angels and our spirit guides. If we experience visions, it helps us to better communicate what it was that we saw. Barite helps us to see what our own spiritual purpose is and how we can attain that purpose here on Earth.


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