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Cleansing your Crystals

posted on 12 August 2016 | posted in Articles

Cleansing your crystals should be one of the very first things you do whenever you acquire a new crystal for your collection.

So there it is, you've unwrapped it and your new crystal is right there, just sitting there in your hand. What do you do with it now ?

Although Mo and I regularly clean all of the crystals that He Hi She Lo offer for sale, other people may have handled them before you, especially if we've taken them to shows and events, and in any case, it's nice to give your new crystal a lovely little welcome home clean !

As for how to cleanse a crystal, any of the following methods are perfectly OK.

Our personal preference here at He Hi She Lo is not to use salt water though. We know that many books advocate this method but Salt itself is a Crystal (and under a microscope you can see that it's quite a sharp one) and it may just scratch or dull the surface of your new purchase.

1) Rinsing under running tap water.
If you are washing very small crystals, put the plug in the sink !

2) Rinsing under bottled mineral water.
Remember the plug as above if you are doing this over the sink.

3) Washing in (unpolluted) stream water.
Keep a good grip on your crystals if the current is strong.

4) By visualising Pure White Light surrounding your crystals.
An excellent method when a "quick clean" is necessary.

5) Wafting through the smoke of Incense sticks or Smudge sticks.
This is quite a soothing and relaxing method. For you and the crystals !

6) By burying and recovering. e.g. bury on one full moon and recover on the next.
If this appeals to you, please do mark the spot where you buried your crystals, perhaps just simply with a twig or a lolly stick - just so that you can recover them again !

7) By using sacred symbols.
Another excellent method when a "quick clean" is necessary.

8) By sound waves. Singing Bowls or Tibetan Cymbals etc.
For the musically inclined perhaps.

9) By bathing in Moonlight.
A lovely gentle feminine method.

10) By bathing in Sunlight*
Quite powerful, but can be a bit harsh.

11) By bringing the sacred power of breath to breathe on your crystals.
Simple and easy. Anybody can use this method.

12) By laying your crystals on a quartz bed.
An excellent method of utilising crystals to help other crystals.

*Don't use this method for Amethyst for prolonged periods as bright sunlight will bleach the colour from your Amethyst.

Any of the above methods will make your crystal look and feel much better and will impart a cleaner fresher aspect to your working with that crystal.

You'll know when you need to cleanse your crystal again, because over time, the more you work with it, the more it develops a sense of "needing" to be cleansed, perhaps even becoming sticky to the touch. Trust us ... you will know when to cleanse it again !


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