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Colombianite No4



Colombianite is a rare tektite found in Colombia, South America, predominantly around the Cali Crater in the Valle del Cauca region in the North West of Colombia.

To be technically correct, it was originally thought to be meteorite that struck Colombia around 29 million years ago, but nowadays it is actually thought to be a pseudo-tektite.

A true tektite is any piece of rock from outer space, such as a meteorite, asteroid or comet, that has made it through Earth's atmosphere and struck the Earth.

A pseudo-tektite is magma from a, usually huge and ancient, volcanic eruption where the blast would have projected rock into the upper atmosphere where it altered in structure and shape and then fell back to Earth again.

The differences and similarities between the two are still discussed to this day and for every person who says Colombianite is a tektite, there is another saying it is Obsidian from a volcano or a pseudo-tektite !

In any event, Colombianite has been considered as a sacred stone to the Muisca Tribe for centuries and Shamen have used it to invoke their Gods and to communicate with higher beings. The Muisca people call this stone "Piedra Rayo" which means "Stone of Lightning" or "Light Stone".

Colombianite helps us to truly experience our higher self and greatly improves our connection to the cosmic consciousness. It brings peace and harmony to our lives and to our relationships.

It opens our spiritual heart and awakens us to our higher calling. It helps us to clear negative thoughts that serve us no purpose and is most suited to those who are becoming ever more aware of their spiritual nature and who want to discover more about their spiritual calling and their higher purpose in life.

Colombianite is a very rare stone indeed.

Size approx. 22mm x 22mm x 15mm
Weight approx. 8.52grms


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