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Creating a Safe Space for Crystal Work

posted on 11 February 2017 | posted in Articles

Many of us would like to have a nice, calm, safe, serene and secure space within our own homes where we could practice our crystal meditation and our crystal work in general.

Not many of us however, can achieve this easily.

Hopefully, this article may give you some pointers to follow so that everyone can enjoy a safe space to work in.

Firstly, lets be practical. Where is the best place to have a Safe Space ?

Obviously, if you live on your own the task of finding such a place is much, much easier. It can be anywhere you want it to be !

If, however, you share a living space then you will have to think a bit more about where your safe space can be. Easy choices would be in a conservatory, in a study or in either a spare bedroom or your own bedroom. As everybodys house is different though, the choices are many and varied and you may be lucky enough to have a garden building you could use or a converted cellar or loft area.

Having decided on a space, you may next want to think about where can I sit or lay down in that area, where can I place my crystals safely and securely, do I need any extra lighting etc. If your place is also likely to be visited by small children and/or pets, you may also want to keep crystals, sacred pictures and images, crystal healing stones etc either out of sight, perhaps covered with a velvet or satin cloth or maybe up off of the ground on a shelf or desk top etc.

The most difficult piece of the jig-saw is in trying to convince the people you live with that this area is your safe space and would they please respect it as such. Don't run through it with muddy shoes, don't play loud music when you want to use it, and if your co-habitees don't even share your sense of spirituality or your love of crystals, then ask them to at least respect your privacy when you want some time alone in your safe space.

It can be done, with a little time and effort.

So lets say you now have a space. What you can't protect it from is your own sense of negativity, of stress and of frustration. "What you think - you become" and so it will need cleansing before you can ask it to soothe and help you !

Black Tourmaline and Smokey Quartz are both excellent crystals for cleansing and clearing spaces and eliminating negative energies and these could be placed by the entrance to your safe space. Think on these stones and ask them to clear the negative energies from both your mind and your safe space.

Amber and Shungite are also both excellent stones to use for this if you wanted something a little more "al la mode" !

Carnelian and Citrine are both nice bright uplifting stones that could be placed further into you safe space as these will help you to bring in abundance and good energies.

Rose Quartz is one of those crystals that you just can't be without and a nice piece, maybe a nice rough/natural piece will help to bring in love and harmony to your space.

Staurolite and Mangano Calcite both help us to feel safe and secure in our space and the rare crystal Cacoxenite helps us not only to feel secure but helps with the creation of a safe space.

Whatever you use you safe space for, meditation, spiritual practices, crystal healing, or just quiet contemplative time alone, remember to thank it and your crystals when you finish and leave the space. If you are lucky enough to be able to leave it set up somewhere all well and good, but if you need to take it down and re-create it next time, remember to take it down with as much reverence as you created it with. Don't just mush it all up quickly.

If you think on perhaps just one or two of the ideas mentioned above, hopefully you too can see how to create a safe space for yourself, however limited your actual room space may be.

Enjoy - and feel safe and protected !

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