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Crystal Spheres

posted on 3 June 2016 | posted in Articles

Crystal Balls have been around a long, long time. In fact there is a museum that I recently heard of in the USA (in either Boston or Pennsylvania I seem to recall) that has a large collection of crystal spheres which it can date using high magnification electron-microscopes.

Clearly you can't date the stone that the sphere was cut from as that will simply date to whenever the stone was formed, but what you can date apparently is the pattern of marks left on the surface of the sphere by the cloth used to polish it.

For example, under the electron microscope spheres polished with silk, which may have come from the Far East, leave a different pattern of marks on their finished surface than do spheres polished with cotton, which may have come from India, etc etc, and by matching up the known pattern of cloth available in certain countries at certain times, scientists can determine the date and likely place the spheres were first made.

I think this is remarkable !

Now days, if you buy any sphere less than an inch in diameter (2.50cms) it will almost certainly have been cut on a machine. What makes bigger spheres more expensive is that they are nearly all cut and polished by hand. This hand made, one off process, and the fact that the bigger a sphere is, the larger the piece of mineral has to be to start with, is what makes the larger spheres more expensive to buy.

A 3 1/2 inch Quartz sphere (9cms) may be around 80 say, but to go up to a 4 inch quartz sphere (10cms) and that extra 1/2 inch (1cm) may cost you an additional 40. Now clearly these prices are averages, and cheaper or dearer spheres can be obtained depending on the quality of the finished product. But none the less, small increases in size can equate to large increases in price.

Really top end high quality large spheres can be jaw droppingly expensive. Just today I saw a 9 inch (23cms) Quartz sphere advertised for 5,500 !

So if you are lucky enough to own a sphere of any size, cut and polished from any crystal or any stone, how can you best work with it ?

Reading a Crystal Ball, or to give it it's proper name of Scrying, is best done when you are seated and relaxed. Place the sphere at a comfortable height on a table in front of you and allow your eyes to de-focus. Think of an issue that you want to address, perhaps changing to a new job, moving house, etc etc and look into the sphere.

What we are looking for is not a vision of international standards, rather something much more low key and even more personal. You may "see" something right in the centre of the sphere, internally. You may well "see" something on or around the outside of the sphere. Often, you may "see" pictures, shapes, thoughts, ideas, that may help you in reaching your decision. This is quite a personal thing, so do have a practice.

Crystal spheres, especially Quartz ones, are great if you are doing a healing session in a room with no windows. You can "dump" the negativity into the sphere and cleanse it afterwards.

Crystal spheres are good for groups of people meeting around a table as they radiate their energy outwards in an equal amount in every direction.

Still not convinced about crystal spheres? Place one in your living room in a prominent position. Nearly everyone who comes into your house will pick up that sphere to hold it and have a look at it. People really are drawn to something quite spiritual or intangible within a sphere !


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