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Dioptase in Matrix No2


Dioptase in Matrix
you will receive this exact piece

Good quality deep green Dioptase is becoming rarer and ever harder to source.

We thought we'd ring the changes with this piece, as this is Dioptase still within the matrix it formed in !

This super piece comes from The Kaokoveld Plateau in the extreme North West of the Kunene Region of Namibia. Dioptase from both Namibia and also the Democratic Republic of Congo are among some of the very best you will find anywhere.

Dioptase is not overly fragile, but it does benefit from some delicate handling !

This piece shows a wonderful cluster of deep green Dioptase crystals in a matrix of mostly Chrysocolla and Limonite.

Nearly all of the crystals are intact and display as gorgeous, shining, green cubes all clustered around each other.

The crystals are semi transparent and look gorgeous !

Often confused with Emeralds in past times, Dioptase is a distinct crystal in its own right and not related to Emeralds at all.

Dioptase is also a long time favourite with crystal healers providing as it does, a feeling of well being and a sense of emotional stability, grounding us when we are floundering around helplessly.

This is just such a lovely piece !

Size approx. 70mm x 55mm x 40mm
Weight approx. 123grms

Dioptase Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Dioptase is a powerful healing crystal. It promotes an overall general feeling of well-being and may be beneficial in relieving the symptoms of Menieres disease and migraine pain. It is also thought to ease high blood pressure, to alleviate pain generally, and to help with heart conditions.

Dioptase is a calming and balancing crystal that can bring us emotional stability and can help us to feel good about ourselves and to love ourselves. It helps us to live "in the moment" and encourages a positive attitude to life. It also helps us to develop a sense of self awareness and stimulates our creative imagination. It helps us to overcome addictions and to cope better with stress. Dioptase can easily turn negatives into positives and can provide us with direction when we are floundering around aimlessly. Dioptase is an excellent crystal to help with deep feelings of grief, sorrow and betrayal as it can help in healing heartache and feelings of abandonment.

Dioptase has the ability to bring all Chakra points to their highest level of functioning and is particularly useful in helping us to attain spiritual attunement. It helps us to become more aware of our own inner riches and can stimulate psychic vision.


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