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Email Issues

Email Problems !

With the introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that came into effect on 25th May 2018, He Hi She Lo, like many other companies you probably heard from (amazing how many lists we were all on isn't it ! ) wanted to make sure we were complying by having a new updated privacy policy, a new updated cookie policy and to check that our customers were happy to receive emails from us.

Privacy policy and cookie policy sorted, we signed up with an Email Service Provider (ESP) to make it easier for us to manage who wanted to carry on receiving our emails and who wanted to unsubscribe. As an ESP, they had tools to make this whole process easy for us.

So, middle of May we started using them and sent out a couple of newsletters about new tumble stones and some gorgeous new high vibration crystals that we had been adding to our website. On 24th May we sent out our own GDPR email.

I was talking to my sister yesterday as she hadn't got back to us to let us know she wanted to carry on hearing from us. It's something when your own sister doesn't want to hear from you isn't it !!

A little bit of digging and it transpired that my sister hadn't responded because she hadn't received our GDPR email on 24th May.

Nor had she received the previous newsletter about high vibration crystals on 22nd May, nor the newsletter about new tumble stones on 17th May !

Speaking to some other customers, neither had they received any of these emails.

In fact, we now find that about half of the emails we sent through this ESP were never delivered to our customers, i.e. you !

Even worse, some of you who did receive the emails clicked on links after the 25th May that the ESP had disabled, actually on 25th May, meaning your choices were never registered.

So, where are we today?

We're beginning to wish we had managed this all ourselves and if the ESP can't sort this we may end up leaving them.

We are also thinking that we may have to ask you afresh for your permission to continue sending you emails, but we'll let you know some more about this later.

Our apologies that what we thought would be easy has turned out to be anything but.

Our apologies too, to those of you who haven't hear from us for a month.

We are both still alive and we've added lots of new pieces to our website in the last 30 days - do have a look around now - and we'll be in touch again soon.

Steve & Mo