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Gaspeite Pendant


Gaspeite Pendant

This pendant features a rare and gorgeous stone - Gaspeite from Australia.

Really lovely Gaspeite should be a gorgeous apple green, just like this one. It has a small amount of brown matrix still present but it is an acceptable amount given the rarity of the stone. Lesser quality stones are a duller, darker green and often still contain large parts of the matrix. Treated Gaspeite is a horrible luminous lime green. This one is a good size, a nice oblong shape and a good 100% natural colour.

Gaspeite really is a rare stone and it's quite sought after too.

This stone has been simply set in sterling silver which has been stamped with 925 on the reverse.

This is definitely one for the rare stone collector !

Size (incl bail) approx. 44mm x 25mm
Weight approx. 12grms

Gaspeite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Gaspeite is believed to be beneficial in treating problems of the heart, lungs, liver and gallbladder. It is also thought to help with intestinal problems, gallstones and in easing feelings of sickness and travel sickness. Gaspeite is thought to help in regulating our metabolism and also supports us when we wish to loose weight.

Gaspeite is a stone for letting go and for moving on. It helps us to feel safe and secure in our own body and can dissolve anger, pain, hurt and stress. When we feel safe and secure we can look inside ourselves more easily and Gaspeite helps us to let go of those negative feelings and unhealthy attachments that we may have suppressed and which no longer serve us. It also gives us the ability to not only declutter our mind, but to declutter our surroundings too. It helps us to let go of those possessions that we have simply been hoarding and for which we really have no use. Gaspeite helps to attract friends and friendship to us, and possibly business partners too. It helps us to realise that it is OK to ask for and to accept help from other people.

Gaspeite is perhaps best known for helping us to recognize spiritual forces within the everyday world. It makes us much more aware of the world above and beyond what we can see by simply using our eyes. It helps us to realize that even small things, or things that we may consider as coincidences, are not just happening to us, and that rather, they are guiding messages from higher spiritual forces. It helps to open our consciousness so that we are able to see these higher vibrational synchronicities in our everyday life. Gaspeite also strengthens the soul and grounds spiritual energy into our body so that if we ever need spiritual help, we only have to ask for it.


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