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Girasol Tumble Stone

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Girasol Tumbled Stone

OK, lets be clear from the start here. These are tumbled stones of Girasol Quartz. This is a type of Quartz that has an opalescent look to it due to the inclusion of billions of microscopic water droplets trapped within the Quartz as it was forming.

These are not tumbled stones of Girasol Opal, a type of blueish white Opal that gives off a reddish reflection.

Girasol Quartz is named after the Girasol Opal because of the way they both have that slight translucent, opalescent look to them. They are entirely different stones though !

Just to make this even more complicated, Girasol Quartz (i.e. these stones offered for sale here) is also rather confusingly known as Opalised Quartz, Blue Opal Quartz, Moon Opal, Madagascar Star Quartz, Moon Quartz, Foggy Quartz and Pearl Quartz !!

None-the-less, these are super quality stones and they can help us to get back on an even keel again, showing us that we can overcome problems and challenges.

Size Large, approx. 28-30mm
Weight approx. 17grms

Girasol Quartz Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Girasol is believed to be beneficial for those suffering from diabetes or chronic fatigue. It is also thought to help with Iron assimilation, hair loss and for treating problems with our eyesight and lymph nodes.

Girasol can enhance our communication skills, stimulate our creativity and deepen connections with our family, work colleagues or social groups. It helps us to see the truth surrounding an issue and also allows us to more freely speak our mind, even though we may have held back from this in the past. Girasol is excellent at getting us back on an even keel as it helps us to set boundaries, shows us that we can overcome problems and challenges and allows us to be more creative, thoughtful and focused in our lives. It also helps us to take control of our impulsive behaviour, think things through and hopefully not come to regret them later. Girasol brings us feelings of calm, relaxation, hope and optimism. It also helps us to be more creative in both artistic and practical areas.

Girasol is a stone of gentle yet powerful energy and one that can help us to better see visualizations and aid those involved in dream work. Girasol works mainly on our Throat and Crown Chakras and when used in a healing or contemplative grid, can help to create a quiet and peaceful space around us.

You will receive 1 (one) hand picked, lovely Girasol Tumbled Stone


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