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Green Fluorite Skull


Green Fluorite Skull

Lovely carving of a skull, cut and polished from a great piece of Green Fluorite.

Skulls have become more and more popular over the years and some think that this is because they hark back to ancient times and we need to draw on that energy now.

What is interesting is that skulls like to be together. The "feel" or "energy" from a single skull is not just doubled when you place it close to another one, it is increased significantly. People who are into skulls will often have a large collection of them.

They are of course ideal for meditation.

Size approx. 60mm x 47mm x 47mm
Weight approx. 179grms

Green Fluorite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Green Fluorite has all the usual properties of Fluorite as listed below,

Fluorite helps us with colds, flu, streptococcal infections, herpes, ulcers and wounds. It also helps with our physical sense of balance, with dizziness or vertigo and our sense of physical and mental co-ordination. It is said to help heal skin blemishes and lessen wrinkles. Fluorite strengthens teeth and bones, may help with nerve related pain and has also been used at the beginning stages of tumours.

Fluorite is a protective stone and one that helps us to cut through mental clutter. It dispels cluttered thoughts, helps us to focus and concentrate, and promotes clear, orderly thinking. It can quieten worrying and anxious thoughts about the future, releasing negativity and emotional blockages. Fluorite brings us mental stability where before there was only chaos and confusion. It is calming and helps us to foster impartiality. Fluorite helps us to see and understand the balances that are necessary to make relationships work and succeed. It is also said to improve both our memory and our memory recall.

Fluorite allows us to recognise the purity of the universe and helps us to connect to a higher guidance during meditation.

In addition, Green Fluorite is an excellent cleanser of the mind, the aura and the heart chakra. It helps to ensure that our heart and our mind are working as one. It is an excellent stone to help us when we need to specifically cleanse and heal the heart chakra as it helps to lessen emotional trauma, ground any excess energy, and it also enables us to recall information perhaps repressed in our subconscious mind. Green Fluorite can clear negative energies from our surroundings. Physically, it helps us with clearing infections, relieving stomach and intestinal disorders and is said to ease the discomfort of (but not cure the condition of) colitis, heartburn and sore throats.


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