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Grossular Garnet Polished Slice No8


Grossular Garnet Polished Slice

This lovely piece is a slice through a Grossular Garnet, a wonderful olive green to deep green variety of Garnet that is sometimes also called Grossularite, and that's not easy to say !

Mo and I were offered a couple of bags of these, they come from Mali in Africa, but we sorted them through and we only hand picked the nicest few we could find, and this is one of them.

When you hold them up against the light you can see the most amazing crystalline "inner world" !

An excellent stone for healers as it helps to keep negative energies at bay.

Size approx. 43mm x 34mm x 6mm
Weight approx. 18grms

Grossular Garnet Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Grossular Garnet is a form of Green Garnet and is believed to help in removing toxins from the body and in treating disorders of the heart and lungs. It is also said to help in cases of frigidity and can enhance our levels of fertility. It helps to remove negative energies from the body and replace them with positive energies where they are needed.

Grossular Garnet can be an excellent healer of emotional problems as it helps to release old emotional traumas and can provide us with a way of coming to terms with things that have happened in our past. It promotes mental clarity and stimulates our imagination and creativity. It is beneficial for many types of relationships as it helps us to consider what we say, and to express it with much more love and consideration. It strengthens our stability in the face of a challenge, and helps us to "know ourselves" better.

Grossular Garnet is an excellent stone for healers to work with as it will keep negative energies at bay. It helps to produce "sensed" visions during meditation rather than "seen" visions. It also enhances our levels of psychic communication and telepathic connection. Grossular Garnet helps us to recognise the eternal nature of our own soul, facilitates contact with Nature Spirits and helps us to become more aware of the changes we must make to ensure a sustainable existence on this Earth.


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