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Hiddenite Tumble Stone

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Hiddenite Tumbled Stone

Hiddenite is a member of a mineral group called the Spodumene Group. Hiddenite is the name given to the pale green or green variety of Spodumene. The name given to the pink variety of Spodumene is Kunzite.

Hiddenite is only ever green and Kunzite is only ever pink, so when you see these lovely green stones of Hiddenite being sold as "Green Kunzite" - well you can draw your own conclusion !

These stones have a really lovely, soft, gentle green colour and they are a very good grade of Hiddenite to be tumbled. There are occasional small black flecks of matrix present, but not enough to distract from these lovely stones.

They each have a nice feel to them and Hiddenite is a crystal that can help us when we feel a failure or when we are troubled by old heart-ache.

Size Medium, approx. 24-27mm
Weight approx. 7grms

Hiddenite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Hiddenite is believed to be beneficial for the thymus, heart, shoulders, chest and lungs. If you are involved in determining and/or addressing other peoples problems, Hiddenite can help to provide you with the necessary insight to do this well.

Hiddenite is very much a stone that works on stimulating both the intellectual side and the loving side of our nature. It helps us with intellectual challenges and with emotional pursuits. It dispels negative emotions and releases the pain of old heartache and self-hatred. It also helps us when we are troubled by feelings of failure. It helps us to honour these feelings and then assists us to gently release them.

Hiddenite helps us to form connections with other worlds, and once such connections are established, to facilitate the transfer of higher knowledge between these other worlds and our own.

You will receive 1 (one) hand picked, lovely Hiddenite Tumbled Stone


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