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Hypersthene Sphere No1


Hypersthene Sphere
you will receive this exact sphere

This is another of those stones that is not actually rare, but it is rather unusual.

You really don't see many Hypersthene spheres for sale at all - so this will definitely appeal to the collector of unusual stones !

Hypersthene is notoriously difficult to photograph. In your hand, you can see the shimmering gold/silver/copper coloured lines easily and you can see how they catch the light as you move this sphere around. It's as if they are just hiding under the surface, springing to life and gleaming when you get the light just right !

In a photograph though, the background black of the sphere takes over and it is so hard to see the mysterious lines catching the light.

None the less, this is a wonderful sphere with lovely patterns.

Size approx. 55mm in diameter
Weight approx. 235grms

Hypersthene Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Hypersthene helps us to undertake the right amount of activity and also enjoy the correct amount of rest. It is said to lessen tension in our limbs and shoulders, and to help treat spasms, fevers and an overly acidic stomach. It is said to be beneficial in cases of painful Achilles tendons.

Hypersthene helps us when we are searching for answers to all kinds of issues in life. It is a good problem solver allowing many situations and problems to resolve themselves naturally. It helps us when we are being irritable and overly critical with people and also stops us being obnoxious and too full of pride to listen or admit that we were wrong. It enhances our judgement of things, teaches us morality and encourages us to always do the right thing. Hypersthene teaches us self respect and allows us to stand up for our own beliefs and to defend our own convictions. It is a good stone for relationships, both personal and business and helps us to feel much more at ease in social situations. Hypersthene can open the doors of opportunity for us.

Hypersthene facilitates clairaudience. It also enhances our psychic abilities and our abilities to obtain information from the spiritual realms.


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