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Iron Pyrites Dragon Skull


Iron Pyrites Dragon Skull

Wow !

Look at this. What an amazing carving - and Iron Pyrites is really hard to cut, carve and polish !

This is a superb Dragons Skull with great detail and an excellent finish.

Dragon Skulls help us on our journey and many folk work with them to enhance their understanding of the mystical elements in our lives and call on them to assist in their crystal healing work.

A Dragon Skull will often reveal it's true name to you - and only to you !

They are of invaluable assistance to call on when we need help and protection, for our self or for others.

Size approx. 77mm x 40mm x 40mm
Weight approx. 227grms

Iron Pyrites Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Iron Pyrites may be beneficial for treating disorders of the lungs, asthma and bronchitis. It is said to calm the digestive system, to lessen fevers and to reduce inflammation. Iron Pyrites helps us overcome fatigue and it can restore disturbed sleep patterns where this is due to something you have eaten.

Iron Pyrites brings us mental clarity and focus. It dispels feelings of inertia and inadequacy and helps to free us from anxiety and frustration. It stimulates our intellect and generates the flow of ideas, boosts our self confidence and helps us to be more energetic and creative. All this makes it an ideal mineral for those studying art, mathematics, science, sculpture etc, or anything else requiring original thinking. Iron Pyrites also helps us to remember the warmth of the sun and to recall beautiful memories of love and friendship. It also helps us to more clearly see exactly what lies behind other peoples words and actions.

Iron Pyrites helps us to recognise both the purity and the perfection of the universe. It is an excellent protective mineral and defends the wearer or carrier from all sorts, and all types, of negative energy. It blocks energy leaks from the aura and has a unique protective power. It should be kept in our possession when we are doing any dangerous work.


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