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Kakortokite No2



Kakortokite (Pronounced as ka-Court-o-Kite) is a rare stone from the Illimaussaq Complex, on the clifftops of the Kangerdlussaq Fjord in the Julianebab District of Southern Greenland.

It is comprised of white or grey/white Syenite with red dots of Eudialyte and black lines of Arfvedsonite. It is much sought after by mineral collectors, crystal healers and the jewellery trade.

This is an absolutely wonderful rough/natural piece of this high vibration stone that helps us to see life with a much more positive outlook. It really is a gorgeous piece !

There is not a lot of Kakortokite to be found, and what there is, is extremely difficult to collect. Consequently, it is usually only sold as very small pieces between 1 gram and 10 grams in weight.

This superb piece is an excellent size at 30 grams and it displays extremely well the unique pattern of red dots along with the occasional black rod - which is exactly what people are looking to see in specimens of Kakortokite.

This is a really wonderful piece of Kakortokite, however, please do read the information below as the red dots of Eudialyte within this stone are mildly radioactive.

Size approx. 30mm x 25mm x 20mm
Weight approx. 30grms

Kakortokite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Kakortokite is a high energy stone that is said to re-energise us and increase our vitality. It is thought to be beneficial when treating issues of the optic nerve, liver, blood and nervous system. It is also said to be of benefit in treating seasonally affective disorder (SAD).

Kakortokite dispels negative thoughts and allows us to enjoy a much more positive outlook on life. It helps us to see the truth in all situations and allows us to speak our own inner truth as well.

Kakortokite helps to expand our sense of spirituality teaching us how we can physically connect with the Earth and at the same time can also spiritually connect with the vast infinity of being. An excellent stone for meditation, anchoring us to Earth while we are taken up to the spiritual realms. The frequency of Kakortokite is felt most strongly on the base, sacral, heart and throat chakras. It can open and align these chakras and bring in a balanced energy to our energy fields. Kakortokite can also draw together soul companions and make it known to us if our own soul and that of another are still compatible by looking back at how they were united in ancient, ancestral times.

Please do read the following before buying this particular piece.

Kakortokite is mildly radioactive. Or to be more precise, the red dots of Eudialyte within the stone are mildly radioactive.

This naturally occurring radioactivity comes from the mineral Cerium (Ce) which is a constituent part of Eudialyte.

The way radioactivity affects your body is measured in units called "mrems" and there is just no escaping the fact that radioactivity is happening naturally all around us every single day.

What is termed as the planets "Natural Background Radiation" is made up from Radon Gas rising up through the natural rocks and soil because our planet contains Uranium and this eventually decays into Radon gas (this accounts for about 50% of Natural Background Radiation), Cosmic Rays reaching the Earth from space (12%), Medical uses, X-rays, scans etc (12%) Food and drink we consume, as they absorb radioactivity from the soil and pass it up through the food chain (12%) and buildings and structures that we make using stone from the ground (12%). Radiation leaks from Chernobyl, Fukishima, Three Mile Island and weapons testing account for another 2%.

All this Natural Background Radiation - about which we can do nothing, after all we can't stop breathing the air, eating or drinking - means that if you simply sit still in your living room and do nothing at all, you will be exposed to about 360 mrems every year.

Watching TV will add another 2 mrems per year, smoking cigarettes, another 10 mrems per year. Two X-Rays at the dentists will add another 18 and a chest X-Ray will add another 10. Working in a building made predominantly of Granite will add another 120 mrems per year.

Even eating one banana a day will add another 3 mrems per year because bananas contain Potassium !

It's generally agreed that a "safe" limit for a human adult should be no more than 50,000 mrems per year for the hands and extremities, 15,000 mrems per year for the eyes and 5,000 mrems per year if the whole body is exposed. The generally agreed "safe" limit for an unborn baby is no more than 500 mrems. And for those of you with a morbid fascination for such things, a lethal dose of radiation would be around 500,000 mrems assuming no medical attention was received.

So if you hold a 10 gram piece of Eudialyte in your hand all day and all night for 24 hours without ever once letting it go you will be exposed to 0.48 mrems. 175 mrems if you hold it every single day and every single night for a whole year.

These figures increase substantially if the Eudialyte is swallowed or ingested and for that reason you must never make an elixir from Eudialyte and you must take precautions to ensure that no baby or young child puts a piece in their mouth or swallows it.

Considering that Natural Background Radiation is 360 mrems per year, and working with a 10 gram piece of Eudialyte for a whole day would be less than half of a single mrem, or 175 mrems per year if you keep it close by you all year long, you now have enough information to make an informed decision before buying this piece.

Why no other crystal or mineral sellers advise you of this is still somewhat of a mystery to us !


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