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Lapis Lace Onyx Polished Slice No2

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Lapis Lace Onyx Polished Slice

This is a gorgeous new stone from Turkey. Although it has been around for a little while, there was originally much confusion over its composition and, indeed, over what to call it !

The blue and the white bands are Calcite and the brown/cream/grey lines or areas are Scheelite - so you could assume that this stone was going to be called Scheelite in Calcite.

However, the people who first brought it to the market wanted to get it out there and assumed (incorrectly) that is was Lapis Lazuli in Onyx and so decided to sell it as "Lapis Lace Onyx".

Unfortunately, that was a really catchy sounding name and it has rather stuck - even though it has not a trace of Lapis Lazuli nor any Onyx in it at all !

Not withstanding any of this - this is still a wonderful slice, polished all over, and with the lovely blue and white wavy pattern that is just so typical of this stone.

Lovely !

Size approx. 64mm x 34mm x 8mm
Weight approx. 28grms

Lapis Lace Onyx
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Lapis Lace Onyx brings together the properties of Blue Calcite and Scheelite, namely - it is believed to help with skin and intestinal complaints and is said to help ensure the proper functioning of the kidneys, pancreas and spleen. It is also thought to help with lower back problems and with treating nerve and muscle problems in general. It is also believed to help restore energy to us when our reserves have become run down.

Lapis Lace Onyx promotes a sense of stability and teaches us to trust in our own judgement and to overcome difficulties and setbacks. It is an energy amplifier, particularly effective against laziness, and it helps to make us more energetic and industrious. It is said to enhance our memory and is an excellent crystal for those who have lost hope. Lapis Lace Onyx provides us with mental clarity and the ability to see the big picture. It is very helpful to those who have a good heart but who struggle to get their positive intentions "out there". It also helps us to understand any negative behaviours we engage in or any negative emotions we may be suffering from, particularly where we can't seem to break the habit but still rejoice in telling everyone else about our negative experiences. It breaks this pattern by providing us with a much more positive outlook on life.

Lapis Lace Onyx helps to speed up our spiritual development. It makes us more aware of our psychic abilities and helps to balance our inner self with our higher self. It is also an excellent meditation stone helping us to achieve heightened states of awareness. It helps us to better appreciate the creative forces of nature and those engaged in Shamanic work will find that Lapis Lace Onyx also helps us in journeying and with astral travel too.

18.50  11

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