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Large Llanite Sphere


Large Llanite Sphere
you will receive this exact sphere

This is a really great sphere cut from a super piece of Llanite and nicely polished and finished.

It shows both the blues and the pinks that this stone is so well known for.

Llanite is a type of Rhyolite with inclusions of Feldspar and Blue Quartz. The Blue Quartz is thought to be coloured blue by the presence of Ilmenite. It is only found in the Llano Uplift, a geological feature in Llano County, Texas, USA.

It is often sold as Que Sera Stone, and indeed, it does share many of that stones properties.

Just to confuse matters even further it is also sometimes called Vulcanite and, when set into jewellery, sometimes goes by the name of Blue Liberite !

This is an excellent sphere with great colours and superb patterns - and it's a big size too !

Size approx. 80mm in Diameter
Weight approx. 596grms

Llanite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Llanite is believed to assist healers in seeing where problems may have arisen in the body.

Llanite is a soothing stone that helps us to achieve a state of grace. It promotes co-operation between people and turns a negative outlook into a positive one, allowing solutions to be reached. Llanite helps us to look at what we want to achieve and then plan the necessary steps we must take in order to do so. It helps us to be more aware of the options we have to create the life we want. It is an excellent stone to carry if you have problems in saying "No" to people and it helps us to realize that we don't have to take on the burden of the World just so that other people think we are a nice person.

Llanite can help us to focus our mental, physical, psychic and spiritual powers to maximum effect. It is an excellent stone for meditation enabling us to receive energies from higher planes and then distribute those energies to all who may need them. It also enables us to discover our souls true purpose. Llanite provides us with protection from unwanted Wi-Fi radiation and from electromagnetic smog. It also boosts both our clairaudient and our psychic abilities.


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