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Large Natural "Double" Ruby Crystal


Large Natural "Double" Ruby Crystal

This is almost two for the price of one here. What we have are two natural Ruby Crystals that have "fused" together, now making one large Ruby crystal.

They both have that distinctive hexagon (6 sided) shape and they have a good colour too.

You can still see some the black matrix around the edges here and there.

As an added bonus, there are easily visible triangles on both ends !

This is really a lovely piece of natural Ruby.

Size approx. 40mm x 32mm x 32mm
Weight approx. 157grms

Ruby Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Ruby helps us to overcome exhaustion and lethargy and is believed to be helpful in treating the spleen, adrenal glands, blood circulation and reproductive organs.

Ruby is a stone of abundance and works with the energies of the Heart Centre. It stimulates both the mind and the emotions. It is both energising and balancing in its effects, firing us with enthusiasm, impulsiveness and spontaneity. It improves our motivation, engenders a positive mindset and helps us to become more dynamic as a leader. Truly, Ruby is a stone for passion! It fosters romance, marriage, integrity, devotion and passion. It helps in all matters of love and can increase virility.

Ruby helps to bring us spiritual wisdom, clearer visualisations and helps us to develop on our path towards enlightenment. It is said to shield against psychic attack and to promote positive dreams.


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