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Large Natural Sulphur (Sulfur)


Large Natural Sulphur (Sulfur)

This is a large piece of natural (what I would spell as) Sulphur. However, the mineral world has now standardised the spelling of this mineral as Sulfur !

This is a good sized, large piece, not just a small piece to hold, but something you can actually place !

Like all Sulphur specimens there will be tiny crumbs that get shed by handling this mineral, but that's just the way it is !

The colour is a fantastic canary yellow and it has that unique Sulphur smell too !

Great piece.

Size approx. 120mm x 95mm x 90mm
Weight approx. 940grms

Sulphur Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Sulphur brings us energy and increases our vitality. It can re-energise us after exhaustion or serious illness, especially if caused by mental stress coupled with little physical exercise. Sulphur is used for treating wounds and healing infections in the body. It has been used in the treatment of skin problems, skin eruptions and fevers, problems with haemorrhoids, arthritis and rheumatism and problems with the pancreas, the appendix and the liver. It is also used in the treatment of syphilis, drawing out impurities from the body's lymphatic system and detoxifying the body. Sulphur reinforces our body's immune system and is said to strengthen the endocrine glands and to reduce swellings, cysts and chemotherapy related discomfort.

Sulphur can absorb negative energies and feelings. It combats violent thoughts and promotes feelings of optimism and enthusiasm and gives us flashes of inspiration. It enhances our reasoning, analysis and understanding and stops us suffering from repetitive and distracting thoughts. It also enhances our creativity and stimulates our mental clarity and can reveal to us obscure or hidden thoughts. Sulphur increases our confidence and will power. Working with Sulphur it is possible to reach out to the rebellious, obstreperous or stubborn personality who wilfully disobeys instructions and always does the opposite of whatever is suggested. Sulphur can also help such people to change instead of being like this.

Sulphur is spiritually purifying. It helps us to realise that we can all attain spiritual perfection, and it helps us to gently remove any barriers blocking our progress towards this.

Please note that Sulphur is toxic and should not be taken internally.
Do not make an elixir from this mineral and care should also be taken
not to inhale the dust from Sulphur. Wash hands after use.


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