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Lizardite Pendant


Lizardite Pendant

This is a beautiful stone with its gorgeous, almost lime green, colouring.

It was originally discovered at The Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, hence the name !

This is a large size pendant with some really interesting patterning on the bright green stone.

It has been set into sterling silver which has been stamped with 925 on the reverse.

A super pendant to wear !

Size (incl bail) approx. 55mm x 25mm
Weight approx. 12grms

Lizardite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Lizardite is thought to be beneficial in treating problems of the stomach and kidneys. It is said to ensure that we absorb the proper amount of minerals from the food we eat and it is also thought to help those suffering from diabetes. Lizardite is also said to relieve cramps and menstrual pain and to help those women who are unable to reach an orgasm.

Lizardite helps to balance mood swings and by promoting peace within us helps us to resolve conflict much better.

Lizardite is a strongly grounding stone and can anchor our energies seemingly to the centre of the Earth itself ensuring that our own energy field is as stable as it could possibly be. It helps us to resonate with and to tune in to the energies of Mother Earth and the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms. It also helps us to better communicate with the Devic Realm. Lizardite helps to cleanse both our aura and all of our chakras of any blocked or stagnant energy and allows for the free flow of energy throughout our being. It assists with the awakening of the Kundalini the energies that are "coiled" at the base of the spine and which, with much practice, we can summon up to rise up through us cleansing, clearing and activating each chakra in turn.


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