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Lost or Missing Crystals

posted on 13 November 2017 | posted in Articles

Quite often at shows people will tell us that they bought such and such a crystal some time ago but now they have lost it, misplaced it, or simply can't find where they put it down.

Often people want to know if there is a deeper meaning to their crystal disappearing, has something perhaps happened to it that they don't understand and just how can it be lost when "I've searched absolutely everywhere"

Now sometimes, a lost crystal is simply a lost crystal and that's that. Pulled out of a pocket along with a pair of gloves, hidden inside something that was given away, left behind in a restaurant, buried in the garden by children playing games! In incidences such as these, it's gone and that's it.

But are there other reasons why crystals sometimes go missing? We've often heard it said that when a crystal has done the work it was intended to do for you it will disappear. We've heard this so often that there must be something in it but where does it go ?

One theory is that crystals have some "ability" to move into another dimension, another field of vibration or another plane of existence when they are being overworked, and when there, they take a "crystal break" as it were.

Another theory concerns the crystal being taken by spirit in order to give it a rest and a break. Sometimes this "taking" is attributed to fairies or other entities who provide much the same rest and relaxation for the crystal !

Yet another theory says that perhaps some crystals simply need to "share" their energy with you and with a new owner who also needs their energy and they somehow flit between the two of you.

In truth, with our mortal brain we are simply making guesses here but what is strange is that many, many times these "lost" crystals suddenly turn up again when you need them once more. It may be days or weeks or months but often times they simply do turn up again even in places where you may have looked for them dozens of times before !

If ever Mo and I loose anything, Mo always offers up a prayer to St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost items - and it's quite remarkable how many times things are sent back to us !

So while it can be disappointing to lose a crystal, especially if it was one of your favourites, just remember that although it may seem to be "lost" to you, from the crystals point of view, it may just be taking a well deserved break before coming back to you !


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