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Madagascar Banded Silk Agate Sphere No6


Madagascar Banded Silk Agate Sphere
you will receive this exact sphere

This is a wonderful Madagascar Banded Silk Agate sphere, measuring 45mm in diameter.

It's cut from a lovely type of Agate found in Madagascar. It has been beautifully polished and finished and looks wonderful !

Geologically, it is Agate that has formed along with Carnelian, but in what colours !

The orange/red base is provided by the Carnelian whilst the Agate has flowed into and around it creating an intriguing, swirling pattern with white, black, pink, brown, yellow, tan and still more colours. Not every single sphere shows every single colour, and the patterns are different from piece to piece, but it's that very quality that makes each sphere a gorgeous individual !

The name derives from the fact that they are found in Madagascar, the surface pattern frequently shows lines and bands and, perhaps with some imagination, the pattern also resembles the folds you see when you fold up a length of silk.

A lovely Madagascar Banded Silk Agate Sphere.

Size approx. 45mm in diameter
Weight approx. 86grms.

Madagascar Banded Silk Agate Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Madagascar Banded Silk Agate is said to increase our own energy levels and to dispel lethargy. It is also believed to help with conjunctivitis, gastric and stomach ulcers, and bladder and intestinal problems. Some also believe that it can help with lower back problems and the elasticity of veins and blood vessels.

Madagascar Banded Silk Agate is a grounding and balancing stone and one that can help us become more logical, rational and perceptive. It brings to us a sense of reality, helping us to better organise our life, to prioritise those things that are important to us and stop us from worrying about the unimportant things in life. It generally helps us to feel more in control of things. Madagascar Banded Silk Agate also brings us courage, determination and a sense of inner peace. It eases feelings of anger, frustration, jealousy and envy. It is said to improve our memory and concentration and is a good stone for daydreamers, or those with wandering thoughts, as it helps to bring them back into reality.

Madagascar Banded Silk Agate helps and encourages us to "digest" or "take on board" all of our life's experiences and therefore helps us to develop a sense of spiritual maturity. It helps to remove any unwanted thoughts that may enter our mind while we are meditating and it is also said to protect us from both negative energies and psychic attack. It helps us to better see and understand the eternal cycle of life.


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