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Madagascar Kundalini Quartz Point No7


Madagascar Kundalini Quartz Point

This is an excellent point of natural Quartz from Madagascar.

Quartz like this piece, where the main point is surrounded by many smaller points growing up from the base has, in the past, been called Cathedral Quartz or Lightbrary Quartz (a play on Light and Library, referencing the light based energy within the Quartz and the knowledge we may obtain by reading, referencing or working with the Quartz).

Pieces of Citrine with this exact formation were found 3 or 4 years ago in the Congo and were then termed Kundalini Quartz. We have opted for Madagascar Kundalini Quartz Point as it seems to describe exactly what it is !

The base crystals are frequently tinged with golden yellow giving some crystals that "is it Quartz or is it Citrine" type of look. This golden yellow colour is caused by Iron Oxide trapped between the crystal layers, in exactly the same way as Golden Healer Quartz.

Quartz such as this is believed to help raise the Kundalini, that energy within us all that normally lays dormant around our base chakra but which, with meditation and practice, can be raised to a higher, more refined and more spiritual energy within us.

Such energy is often depicted in ancient writings as a sleeping or coiled snake at the base of our spine that uncoils and straightens along our spine activating each and every chakra that it passes through filling it with light, understanding and knowledge.

Today, rather than the snake analogy, we may more simply say that working with such special pieces of Quartz, our energy is raised from a base state to an elevated. spiritual state. However you put it, Madagascar Kundalini Quartz is a very special crystal that powerfully activates our chakras and awakens our mind.

This type of Quartz also gives us access to the Akashic Records, the documents of everything that has occurred on Earth written in the language of light. It also opens us to a very high level of spiritual understanding helping to free from our minds "trapped knowledge" about the past, present and future.

Crystals like this are very high vibration indeed !

And this is a super piece !

Size approx. 75mm x 45mm x 30mm
Weight approx. 88grms

Quartz Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Quartz, sometimes called clear quartz or rock crystal or quartz crystal, is a Master Healer, and as such, can be used for any condition. Quartz has the property to receive, store, amplify and transmit energies. It has an organising and harmonising effect on all parts of the body. When Quartz is attuned to the person requiring healing, it can act at a very deep vibrational level indeed, bringing the body, the subtle bodies and the aura back into balance. Quartz is excellent for general healing as it helps to speed up the whole healing process. It fortifies the nerves, balances the two halves of the brain and stimulates glandular activity. Quartz can also amplify the effect of other crystals placed nearby.

Quartz dissolves areas of imbalance and negativity and provides us with a sense of calmness and clarity in our minds. It restores a more balanced energy to us and this property makes Quartz a valuable healing tool. Quartz amplifies and strengthens the whole auric field. It helps us to find simple ways to solve our problems, aids concentration and helps us to remember things. Quartz harmonises all the chakras.

An excellent stone for meditation, Quartz enables us to communicate with all levels of spirit life and indeed, with every dimension. Quartz can encourage our spiritual development and can also help us to attune to our spiritual purpose in life. Quartz further helps us by ensuring that any such spiritual development remains in tune with our own sense of who we are, in tune with our own sense of our true inner self. It is a deep soul cleanser, raising energies to their highest possible spiritual level.


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