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Natural Astrophyllite No1


Natural Astrophyllite

This is an absolutely wonderful piece of natural Astrophyllite from Northern Russia.

The lovely, well defined blades of Astrophyllite have that gorgeous coppery/gold colour and display the metallic flash that people want to see in Astrophyllite.

Not only that, but this super piece has the blades arranged in a starburst pattern too !

This is a super-nice piece and will not only make a great addition to a collection, but it's also a really nice size to work with too.

Wonderful !

Size approx. 60mm x 42mm x 25mm
Weight approx. 62grms

Astrophyllite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Astrophyllite can benefit the large intestine and the reproductive system. It helps to balance the hormonal system and is very helpful with both menstrual and menopausal problems. Astrophyllite has also been used in the treatment of epilepsy, cellular regeneration and is said to both eliminate fatty deposits and increase the sensitivity of our touch.

Astrophyllite activate our dreams making them lively and memorable. It helps us to be much more open, inspired and expressive and accentuates our levels of perception making us more sensitive to other peoples unspoken needs. It helps us to get on with unfinished projects. Astrophyllite shows us our full potential and helps us to recognise that we actually have no limits to what we can achieve. It shows us that we can shed anything that has out served its purpose so that we can see the way forward, and that we need not feel guilty about doing this.

Astrophyllite is an excellent stone for promoting astral travel and out of body experiences as it acts as both a guide and a protector to us while we are travelling in other realms. Those who feel drawn to communication with extra-terrestrials and beings from other worlds may well feel drawn to Astrophyllite. It helps us to appreciate what the universe expects from us and helps us to follow our life's true purpose. Astrophyllite helps us to become more spiritually inspired and also helps us to face our darkest fears by activating the inner light in each of us.


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