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Ocean Jasper UFO No3


Ocean Jasper UFO

This is a wonderful piece of Ocean Jasper with a red/orange background that is covered by hundreds of little yellow orbs !

As the way with Ocean Jasper there are often tiny little "caves" or "indentations" on the stone which are sometimes filled with Quartz inside, so don't expect Ocean Jasper to ever be 100% smooth! - it is 100% gorgeous though !

The pictures above are of the actual UFO that you will receive.

Size approx. 60mm in diameter and 36mm thick
Weight approx. 122grms

Ocean Jasper Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Ocean Jasper is thought to be beneficial to the digestive process and to help eliminate the toxins that can cause body odour. It is also said to support the immune system, improve blood circulation, help with disorders of the female reproductive system and to help with the effects of PMS. In addition it is also believed to help with gum infections, eczema, skin disorders and bloating.

Ocean Jasper is a nurturing, sustaining and soothing stone that helps us to love ourselves more and to love others too. It brings us peace of mind, tranquillity and patience and eases stress, worry and anxiety. It is a protective stone that can help us to face repressed and unresolved emotional issues so that we can begin to resolve them. It helps us to accept responsibility for our own thoughts and actions, to accept change and to face the future with a positive outlook. Ocean Jasper is also a stone of joy and high spirits. It can release negative thoughts and obsessive thoughts as well as thoughts that just go round and round in our head, and make us feel much more optimistic instead. Ocean Jasper helps us to communicate more easily and increases our self confidence.

The circular patterns on Ocean Jasper act as a reminder to us that all things in the universe are interconnected and that nature is cyclical, rhythmical and fluid. Ocean Jasper is a stone of spiritual strength and renewal which, when we meditate with it, can take us back to Atlantis to reclaim lost wisdom. If at any time we have misused our spiritual power Ocean Jasper can help us to reframe, think about and transmute this. It teaches us to use both our own will and our spiritual power wisely.


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