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Polished Brandberg Amethyst Point No6


Polished Brandberg Amethyst Point

This is a super high quality, Brandberg Amethyst Point that has been polished to bring out the colours and make it smoother to hold and to work with.

Often, just simply called Brandbergs, they are also known as Brandberg Quartz or Brandberg Amethyst and these points have many of the healing properties associated with Amethyst itself but seem to be of a higher vibration. They have a lovely, strong energy which makes them much sought after healing crystals.

They are essentially a "blend", mostly of Amethyst but also with Smokey Quartz and Clear Quartz and, whether or not you can see all the three individual colours, their essence is carried by each crystal. They frequently display Amethyst phantoms and sometimes have bubbles of water in them too. They are found in the Brandberg mountain range in Namibia, hence the name.

Brandbergs tend not to be "pretty" crystals and are frequently found with rougher or less smooth patches and lots of surface marks. Having said that, this is quite a wonderful point with a great depth of colour while being much smoother than usual due to its being polished. You can still see into it thanks to it being a high quality point to start with.

Brandberg Amethyst is a superb crystal for soul retrieval, taking us back to the time when our soul was pure and before our family, friends, job and life in general all had a chance to leave their mark on us. Working with this crystal can help to restore our soul to a more perfect balanced state.

Brandberg Amethyst can be used on any chakra point to activate and realign our spiritual energies. They help us to grow in a more spiritual way and they also help to balance many aspects of our being.

Size approx. 34mm x 25mm x 23mm
Weight approx. 18grms


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