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Polished Piece of Amphibole Quartz No1

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Polished Amphibole Quartz

This is a super piece of a type of Quartz called Amphibole Quartz which is only found in Minas Gerias in Brazil and nowhere else. Such pieces form in or on rocks containing minerals that occur as inclusions within the Quartz, sometimes these inclusions may look like angels wings, hence the alternative name of Angel Phantom Quartz.

Although not every piece has all of these minerals as inclusions, they are frequently found to have many of them included within their structure. These minerals are usually Limonite (yellow), Kaolinite (white), Hematite (red) and Lithium (pink). There may well also be traces of Riebeckite, Actinolite, Tremolite and Richterite in varying proportions.

All of these inclusions appear as opaque layers or cloudy deposits in a range of colours (depending on the actual minerals making up the inclusions) and as well as the yellow, white, red and pink mentioned above, there may also be gold, plum and orange as well.

Even though several Amphibole Quartz pieces will very likely contain differing amounts of each mineral in their makeup, the energies of each crystal will resonate in much the same way, i.e. they will all be Amphibole Quartz with the "energy of the place they are from" becoming an integral part of their makeup.

This is a lovely piece of polished Amphibole Quartz.

Size approx. 58mm x 35mm x 23mm
Weight approx. 70grms

Amphibole Quartz Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Amphibole Quartz (also known as Angel Phantom Quartz) is believed to be helpful when treating lung related disorders. It is also thought of as a good stone to work with if you are de-toxing.

With so many inclusions of different minerals Amphibole Quartz can be thought of as a multi-talented, multi-faceted crystal. It helps to bring peace, harmony and serenity into our lives and increases our levels of self-confidence. It can also bring us love and joy and can enable us to see the beauty in our lives.

As you might expect from Amphibole Quartz's alternative name, Angel Phantom Quartz, it is a superb crystal for establishing connections to your own guardian angels, to healing angels and to the angelic realm. Placed on our crown chakra Amphibole Quartz can activate all the higher crown chakras making us ready to receive the highest guidance. Because Amphibole Quartz is such a complex coming together of minerals, the guidance we receive may also be quite complex and is best suited for those who actively wish to move on and deepen their understanding of the spiritual realms. Amphibole Quartz is also an excellent meditation stone and one that can increase both our powers of lucid dreaming and our gift of clairaudience. It helps us to better appreciate the power of universal love and is helpful to those who work with past life recall.


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