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Programming your Crystals

posted on 12 August 2016 | posted in Articles

So what exactly is meant by "Programming" a crystal. How does it help me work with my crystals and should I be doing it ?

The intention behind programming a crystal, any crystal, is to energise that particular crystal to work towards a particular desired end result. You personally, will also know (quite obviously) that you have programmed that crystal and therefore your own energies will be more focused when you come to work with the programmed crystal, more so than when you work with an unprogrammed stone.

Lets say that you have an Amethyst crystal. Now Amethyst is useful in clearing headaches, helping us to get to sleep, helping us to access the more spiritual side of our nature, and several other things beside.

Programming your Amethyst crystal would entail your taking one aspect of that crystals properties, lets say helping us get to sleep, and "dedicating" that crystal to help us specifically when we need to get to sleep, over and above all of the other properties that crystal may have to offer us.

Programming a crystal dedicates its use, transforms it use almost, so that it can now be worked with to much greater effect on that one particular issue, in our example helping us get to sleep, than if it wasn't programmed.

In a nutshell, programming can enhance the energies of a crystal and of the person working with that crystal to, essentially align their energies for greater effect.

So how can I programme my crystal ?

To programme a Crystal or Mineral you can simply hold the stone(s) in your hands and in a quiet moment you visualise this stone being used for a specific purpose.

Some people like to undertake quite elaborate rituals when cleansing and programming their stones, maybe doing it at certain times of the day or night, bringing down white light, perhaps using Reiki or other spiritual or healing symbols in the process.

Remember, that as with so many other forms of spiritual or metaphysical healing, INTENT is everything. By simply working with your crystals, whether or not you have performed a simple or an elaborate programming, you will be bringing an intent to heal that you (or the recipient) will undoubtedly pick up on.

Do remember though that whilst programming is all good and fine, and undoubtedly adds a certain something to the energy of the stone - it is not compulsory !

Both Mo and I would much rather that you worked with your crystals, rather than be put off by the thought that something "terrible" will happen if you don't programme them or if you programme then somehow "incorrectly" it won't !!

Remember, even if you didn't programme your stones, you will still be bringing some form of a "programmed intent" simply by the placement of that stone on some part of the body. Nobody just decides to place a Crystal on themselves without having a desire to achieve a certain result!

If you want to experiment with programming perhaps just one or two of your crystals, try it for yourself and see if it makes a difference !


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