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Prophecy Stone No5


Prophecy Stone

Prophecy Stones are rare stones from the White Desert, about 340 miles South West of Cairo, near Farafra, Egypt and they are a Limonite and Hematite pseudomorph after Marcasite and Pyrite.

That is to say that they started life as a small piece of Marcasite, which millions of years ago, became submerged in the water that once upon a time covered the Sahara Desert. The Marcasite became covered with tiny bits of shell, fish skeletons, coral etc all of which have a very high Calcite content. This Calcite built up and up and the heat and pressure on top of the Marcasite combined with a change in the acid/alkaline content of the water, would have turned the Marcasite into Iron Pyrites.

However, Mother Nature was not finished yet, if the water becomes rich in Iron and Sulphur over time, particularly as the sea started to evaporate, then further changes to the chemistry and crystalline structure begin to take place.

The Marcasite/Pyrite would be soaked in this now Iron rich water and as the Sulphur is slowly washed away and the sea evaporates still further, Oxygen now starts to replace the Sulphur creating Hematite and Limonite. However the Hematite and Limonite form over the top of the earlier Marcasite and Pyrite and take on their shape, atom by atom over millions of years.

So today, the original crystal structure remains from the Marcasite and Pyrite but it has been transformed into a completely different mineral, hence the word Psuedomorph, literally, "fake shape".

Size approx. 27mm x 22mm x 22mm
Weight approx. 22grms

Prophecy Stone Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

At first glance it looks very much like it is going to be a grounding stone, but actually it is a very high vibration stone whose primary use is in 3rd eye, astral travel, visionary and shamanic journeying work.

It helps to calm the mind, reduce stress and aid clarity of thought.

Prophecy Stone takes its name from the ability of this stone to help you see visions of possible future events when used in meditation. As you may suspect, this does not happen magically on first use but rather, Prophecy Stone is a stone aimed at the more established and committed crystal/light worker.

Prophecy Stones bring light and energy into the physical body and ground it there. Working with these stones helps us to feel the energy entering through the crown chakra and filling the physical body right down to the earthstar chakra below the feet.

Rare and powerful stones indeed.


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