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Ruby in Fuchsite Sphere


Ruby in Fuchsite Sphere
you will receive this exact sphere

This lovely sphere is cut from a wonderful piece of Ruby in Fuchsite.

It's 60mm in diameter and shows a good amount of red Ruby within the green Fuchsite.

This will be a gorgeous piece to put in any room and you'll also receive a free acrylic stand on which to display your sphere.

Such a lovely heart centered crystal.

Size approx. 60mm in diameter
Weight approx. 247grms

Ruby in Fuchsite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Blending together the effects of both Ruby and of Fuchsite, Ruby in Fuchsite is beneficial in treating the spleen, adrenal glands and blood circulation. It may help to balance the red/white blood-cell count and may also help to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. It is believed to assist in aligning the spine and in increasing the flexibility of the muscles. A lovely stone to have present during healing sessions.

Working on the heart centre, Ruby in Fuchsite can foster romance, marriage, integrity, devotion and passion. It helps in all things related to Love. Ruby in Fuchsite blends the energising, stimulating and balancing effects of Ruby with the reflective energies of Fuchsite that help you to examine issues and problems regarding the way you interact with other people. It also stimulates the mind and emotions. It can be a help when you need to "bounce back" after particularly tense or stressful physical or emotional situations.

Ruby in Fuchsite can help to bring spiritual wisdom and by meditating on this mineral it is thought possible to access information concerning your own physical health and your own levels of stress. Meditation on Ruby in Fuchsite may also provide access to information on both herbal and holistic remedies.


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