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Septarian Pendant


Septarian Pendant

A good size Septarian Pendant which features a really good stone of Septarian with all the colours and elements that make Septarian so sought after.

The pendant is set in sterling silver and stamped with 925 on the reverse. The bail is a simple silver bail.

Lovely pendant with a stone not frequently found in jewellery.

Size (incl bail) approx. 50mm x 30mm
Weight approx. 15grms

Septarian Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Septarian can offer assistance with blood and kidney problems. It also helps with intestinal problems, digestive disorders, skin disorders, seasonally affected disorder (SAD) and gout. It helps to alleviate pain, and may provide help with cellular regeneration, with growths and with balancing our metabolism. Septarian may also offer help to those suffering from Geopathic Stress. Lastly, Septarian is also said to bring focus to the healing vibrations experienced within drumming and chanting circles.

Septarian is a strongly nurturing stone. It has qualities that remind us to look after and nurture ourselves, other people and our own ideas too. It helps us to feel calm, grounded and relaxed. It can support us while we think about our ideas and how we can turn them into reality. It brings us patience, tolerance and endurance. Septarian can help us if we have to speak in public as it can enhance the skill of public speaking to such an extent that members of the audience feel both connected with and interested in what the speaker has to say. They may feel as if they are each being individually addressed. Septarian is an excellent stone for promoting teamwork and may also be extremely useful in times of change and upheaval. It is said to be an aid to both teaching and learning and it may help us to re-pattern and to re-programme ourselves and to communicate ideas clearly to others. An excellent NLP stone !

Septarian helps us to better communicate with Mother Earth, and to remember to stop from time to time and give thanks to her for all of her bountiful gifts. It promotes within us a deep appreciation of the creative forces of nature and brings us feelings of joy and spiritual uplifting. It is said to bring us knowledge that we need in order to be prepared for future events, although we probably receive this knowledge unconsciously. Septarian can strengthen our spirit and help us to form a connection to the higher truths of the universe.


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