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Shattuckite & Chrysocolla Polished Slice No9


Shattuckite & Chrysocolla Polished Slice

This is a great polished slice of Shattuckite & Chrysocolla.

These two minerals often form together and this naturally occurring mix of Shattuckite and Chrysocolla brings together the properties of both minerals.

The overall colour is quite a bright, striking blue, but for those of you who like to look more deeply, note that Chrysocolla itself is normally a blue colour but sometimes is found as a green colour and sometimes as a mix of both.

Shattuckite is a mix of Azurite, Chrysocolla, Malachite and occasionally a small percentage of Copper. So while the overall colour is blue, you may also see some light and dark greens, light and dark blues plus the occasional dot of Copper. On top of this mix, you may also see the black matrix the minerals have formed in plus an occasional area of a reddish/brown colour which is most likely to be Cuprite.

Saying it's blue hardly does it justice !

Shattuckite & Chrysocolla is a great stone for channeling information from the spirit world and also for better understanding the spiritual forces of our own planet Earth.

A great spiritual and metaphysical stone to work with.

Size approx. 29mm x 27mm x 5mm
Weight approx. 8grms

Shattuckite & Chrysocolla Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Shattuckite & Chrysocolla is believed to be beneficial in treating arthritis, bone disease, problems with the digestive tract and ulcers. It is also said to help blood coagulate and to both help strengthen our muscles and to ease muscle cramps and spasms. It is also believed to help ease throat infections.

Shattuckite & Chrysocolla stimulates our self-confidence and clears away feelings of guilt making it much easier for us to speak out ? and ensure we speak the truth! It promotes inner strength and courage helping us to deal with the stressful situations of life. Shattuckite & Chrysocolla eases heartache and tension and gives us the ability to cope when the situation is constantly changing all around us. It helps us to better understand other people, enhances our creativity and increases our capacity to love. It also helps in stabilising a home and in re-building relationships. Shattuckite & Chrysocolla can also aid us intellectuality by helping us to remember and process very large quantities of information.

Shattuckite & Chrysocolla is considered to be a very spiritual stone and one that can help you to put into clear and concise words any physic visions and/or other-worldly contacts that you may have seen or experienced. It is extremely useful when channeling information from the spirit world and also offers protection from possession whilst you are channeling. It also helps us to better attune to the Earth and to the spiritual forces of the Earth. Lastly, Shattuckite & Chrysocolla helps us to better study the art of astrology, the practise of meditation and to realise that there is much more to this world than the possession of material things.


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