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Turkish Purple Jade Polished Slice No6


Turkish Purple Jade Polished Slice

Discovered in 1972 in the Bursa Province of North West Turkey, and not known anywhere else at all, Turkish Purple Jade has been used as a gemstone since the 1980's. It is only in much more recent times though that it has been available as tumbled stones or as polished flat stones.

Only ever available in scarce amounts, It is thought that this stone may now be mined out.

Whilst Jadite is available in many other countries, controversy has raged over Turkish Purple Jade as the Jadite element of this stone varies between 40% - 60% and some argue that this is too low to call it Jade at all !

The other constituent minerals, in varying proportions, are often Quartz, Orthoclase, Epidote, Chloritoid and Phlogopite.

The overall colour ranges from grey-purple to a rich deep purple, with just about every shade in between being available! There are often dots or lines or areas of darker or lighter colours found along with occasional feint orange or green specks.

An interesting and quite unusual stone.

Among its many attributes, Turkish Purple Jade helps us to be more at peace with ourselves and can be useful for those who need to "lighten up" a bit. On the spiritual side it can be a very good stone for healers and psychics to work with.

Size approx. 43mm x 22mm x 5mm
Weight approx. 11grms

Purple Jade Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Purple Jade is believed to be beneficial to the nervous system and is also thought to help those who are suffering from hives, skin rashes or outbreaks brought on by stress.

Purple Jade helps us to feel more at peace with ourselves and with the world. It's an excellent stone for dispelling negativity and filling us with feelings of joy and happiness. It helps us to experience the essential joy of life, of being alive, and is especially useful for those who need to "lighten up" and relax more into the simple pleasures of life. Purple Jade also helps us to be more in tune with the energies of others around us which means that we can offer a much more sympathetic response to people and to situations.

Purple Jade helps to connect us with the angels, guides and teachers who will be the most beneficial to us on our spiritual path. It is a highly spiritual stone and one that not only helps us along our path, but one that stops us becoming bored or discouraged with spiritual practice. It helps us to see and to appreciate the perfection of all things in the divine order. Purple Jade is an excellent stone for psychics and for healers helping as it does, to open and clear the upper chakras (third eye and crown) and the lowest chakra (earthstar) thereby keeping us grounded while we become spiritually more open and receptive. Purple Jade also helps us to better connect to the natural forces of nature and to the devic energies too. It enhances visions, extrasensory perception (esp) and helps us to remember our dreams.


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