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What size will my Crystal be ?

posted on 5 December 2015 | posted in Articles

So that you know what size crystal to expect when you order something from us, all of our pieces now show the approximate size of each piece for sale and the approximate weight of each crystal too.

In addition, all the Tumble Stones, as well as showing the approximate size and weight as above, are further categorised to help you better understand the size of each stone, these categories are,

Very, Very Small 5-10mm
Very Small 10-16mm
Small 16-21mm
Medium 20-27mm
Large 25-35mm
X Large 35-50mm
XX Large 50-60mm

Do note that the vast majority of our Tumble Stones fall into the Medium or Large category.

In addition to being categorised and having the size and weight displayed, every single piece for sale has at least one photo where we have placed a 20p coin in with the crystals so that you can make a visual comparison as to what size your crystal will be when you order it.

However, we do realise that the 20p coin, although common here in the UK, is specifically a UK coin and unique to us here.

So, for comparison purposes, the picture below is a photo of the UK 20p coin (which is actually about 20mm or 3/4 inch wide) alongside the 1 Euro coin of Europe and the Quarter Dollar of the USA.

We hope that all this additional size and weight information helps you to not only realise what size your crystal will be when you receive it, but also makes choosing your crystal easier too !

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