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Stromatolite Polished Slice No3

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Stromatolite Polished Slice

This is a really good sized slice of Stromatolite that has been nicely polished to bring out the super patterns !

Stromatolite is something you don't see for sale everyday - but this slice is really super !

The colour, the depth of the colour and that amazing pattern, all combine to make this a great polished slice.

Size approx. 120mm x 95mm x 6mm
Weight approx. 183grms

Stromatolite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Stromatolite is said to benefit all fluid movement in the body, e.g. blood, water, lymph etc and is also thought to be beneficial for the throat, teeth, thymus and for treating disorders of both the hands and feet and disorders of the skeletal system.

Stromatolite can help us to distinguish between what we want and what we need in this life, between what is significant and what is insignificant. It provides us with a grounding energy and is said to help cleanse the surrounding energy in any environment into which it is placed. It relieves emotional stress and encourages us to provide friendship to those who are lonely or on their own. Stromatolite can make us more adaptable to situations, helping us to leave behind old thoughts and ways of doing things and to be much more open to innovative ideas. It also helps us when we need to give in or succumb, perhaps to bring an argument to an end, but still allows us to maintain our own individual point of view.

Stromatolite can assist us with past-life meditation. It also grants us access to ancient information and helps to strengthen our aura.

Interesting note.
Stromatolites are fossilised structures formed in shallow water by the alternating layers of blue-green algae (especially the variety known as cyanobacteria) and sedimentary grains. Stromatolites are the most ancient record of organic life on Earth, dating back to some 3.5 billion years. They grew in vast colonies and were responsible for providing our planet with Oxygen via photosynthesis, the absorption of Carbon Dioxide and the release of Oxygen. By way of comparison, the first dinosaurs can be traced back to about 230 million years ago. Stromatolites were growing on Earth for 3.25 billion years before the dinosaurs even arrived !


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