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Caribbean Calcite Polished Slice No5


Caribbean Calcite Polished Slice

This is a great slice of Caribbean Calcite, polished to make it smooth.

It is a mix of Blue Calcite and Brown and White Aragonite and despite its name, it was discovered in Pakistan in 2015.

This slice has been polished on both sides to make it smooth to the touch. However, Caribbean Calcite is a stone which generally has a highly uneven surface with many pits, crevices and caves present. Sometimes there are even further crystallisations within these crevices and caves !

So although we say smooth .....

Overall, you would say it is blue in colour. However, the blue is sometimes a bright blue and sometimes it is more of a greenish blue. The brown is sometimes a dark brown but more often is a light tan in colour.

It is a great problem solving crystal, helping us to see our problems, what caused them and how to solve them. It is also an excellent communication stone, extremely useful to work with when other people just can't, or won't, see your point of view.

Size approx. 75mm x 65mm x 6mm
Weight approx. 50grms

Caribbean Calcite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Caribbean Calcite is believed to help with skin problems and with intestinal complaints. It is said to help ensure the proper functioning of the kidneys and to be beneficial to the heart, brain and central nervous system. It is also thought to help with the mending of broken bones. Additionally, Caribbean Calcite is also thought to be useful for easing pain in general, but especially pain in the back. It is a good crystal for those recovering from an illness.

Caribbean Calcite is a calming and stress reducing crystal. It helps us to let go of anger and anxiety and encourages patience. It brings to us a sense of stability and constancy and teaches us to trust in our own judgement to overcome difficulties and setbacks. It can help us to be more industrious and to put our own ideas into action. It also helps us to see the problems we face, their causes and their solutions and teaches us to approach life with much more of an open mind. Caribbean Calcite also helps to ensure clear communication, especially where there are some who can't or don't see your point of view. It is a crystal that helps us to let go of those negative emotions that no longer serve us and it is also said to help our memory.

Caribbean Calcite helps us to "centre" ourselves and is therefore extremely useful to have by us as we prepare to meditate. It is particularly effective at speeding up our spiritual development and it makes us much more aware of our psychic abilities, helping us to realise that we too, may be able to channel information and to have out of body experiences. It is also a crystal that helps us to better appreciate the creative forces of nature.


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