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Stalactitic Quartz No2


Stalactitic Quartz

This is a visually stunning and beautiful piece of Stalactitic Quartz from Morocco.

Although often called "Stalactitic" Quartz, it did not form as a stalactite group hanging from a cave roof, rather the name just alludes to the shape of it.

This superb piece would have started life as a Quartz Geode and the Quartz crystals would have formed inside it. Spectacular enough, but at some point back in long lost time, the geode split and lost its top and liquid Hematite flowed in and around the Quartz points staining them this dusky red/pink colour that you see today.

Clearly, there is one stand out point - and this point in itself has sparkly crystals formed all around and all over it !

A simply gorgeous piece - and rare to find with this stand out point still totally intact !!

Size approx. 69mm x 68mm x 75mm tall
Weight approx. 107grms

To give you the properties of this piece we decided to list the properties of Hematoid Quartz as essentially this piece is Quartz with Hematite. Over the millions of years it has taken to form, and with the changes that occurred along the way, there may also be traces of Amethyst and Chalcedony etc. but Quartz and Hematite are the "essential" ingredients.

Hematoid Quartz Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Hematoid Quartz brings together the grounding properties of Hematite and the higher vibrational properties of Quartz. It has an organising and harmonising effect on all parts of the body and is excellent for general healing as it helps to speed up the whole healing process. It is believed to be beneficial in treating leg cramps, anaemia and other blood disorders. It is said to strengthen both kidney and liver function, assist in mending broken and fractured bones and to be an excellent stone for detoxing.

Hematoid Quartz is an excellent grounding and protecting stone. It calms and quietens our mind, giving us the time to process things and to sort things out. It dissolves areas of imbalance and negativity and restores a more balanced energy to us. It inspires original thinking, concentration and focus and also helps us to find simple ways to solve problems. It is ideal for those studying mathematics or technical subjects. It enhances our willpower and boosts our self esteem, self confidence and self worth. Hematoid Quartz stimulates our desire for peace and for inner happiness and helps us to realise that we can learn from our past mistakes. It promotes optimism and inner strength, calms fear, panic and hysteria and replaces these with focus and concentration.

Hematoid Quartz helps to balance our Yin-Yang energy and provides us with a strong anchor to Earth when we are undertaking high frequency energy work. It helps us to communicate with all levels of spirit and in every dimension. It not only removes negative energy, but transforms it into a positive and pure energy too. An excellent stone for balancing and cleansing the chakras, Hematoid Quartz can also help us to integrate our shadow self with our light self. It encourages our spiritual development and can also help us to attune to our spiritual purpose in life.


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