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Amazonite and Smokey Quartz Palm Stone No1


Amazonite and Smokey Quartz Palm Stone
you will receive this exact palm stone

You often find some small amount of Smokey Quartz in Amazonite. It's the Smokey Quartz that gives Amazonite that sort of zig-zag feint graphical pattern.

This however - well this is something on an altogether different level !

This stunning Palm Stone is cut from Amazonite found in Peru and the Smokey Quartz makes up to 40-50% of the stone !

The visual impact is immediate. Super colour blue/green Amazonite with areas of highly contrasting grey/black Smokey Quartz. Amazing !

Don't buy this type of stone if you like your Palm Stones to be perfectly flat and smooth. The different hardnesses of the Amazonite and of the Smokey Quartz mean that there will always be areas that are slightly uneven or that have gaps or cracks here and there. Polishing material like this is very hard !

Do buy this though if you like unusual palm stones and want to have a palm stone that will give you an immediate feeling of "Wow" as soon as you see it !

Size approx. 50mm x 40mm x 11mm
Weight approx. 35grms

Amazonite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Amazonite can align and balance the physical body with the mental and emotional body helping to promote a sense of well being. It has been used in treating disorders of the nervous system and is said to help resist both tooth decay and osteoporosis. It helps to dispel spasms of the muscle tissue.

Amazonite is a soothing stone, a friendly stone that soothes our emotions helping us to overcome our fears and our worries. Amazonite stimulates our creativity and aids communication with others. It balances our male and female energies and brings us a sense of clarity. Amazonite can help to reduce any self-damaging behaviours we may have and can instil a sense of self-confidence and grace. It also helps to dispel any irritating or negative energy too.

Brings joy and an understanding of Universal Love.

Smokey Quartz Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Smokey Quartz is believed to help strengthen our back, reduce cramp and regulate liquids in the body. It is also thought to be beneficial in treating disorders of the abdomen, hands, feet, hips and legs.

Smokey Quartz works slowly and gently over time to help us release and remove emotional blockages and to lessen or reduce our worries. It is an excellent stone for helping us to deal with stress and it also helps us to get through difficult or hard times more easily. Smokey Quartz helps to relieve fear, ease depression and also helps us if we suffer from fear of failure. It is extremely useful in helping us to let go of anything that no longer serves us. Smokey Quartz promotes a feeling of personal pride within us and helps us to enjoy the simple joy of living.

Smokey Quartz is a superb grounding stone helping us to keep our feet firmly on the ground and bringing our attention to the here and now. At the same time it is also an excellent stone for meditation as it helps to raise positive vibrations during meditation. It is a protective stone that helps to generate a barrier of protective energy around the user. It can absorb and clear large amounts of negative energy and can block geopathic stress. Smokey Quartz helps to balance our Yin-Yang energy and can help to strengthen the communication links between this world and other worlds.


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