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Namibian Fluorite Palm Stone No1


Namibian Fluorite Palm Stone
you will receive this exact palm stone

When you think of Fluorite and where it comes from, you'll probably be thinking of the countries that produce the most Fluorite - China, Mexico, Mongolia, Brazil and Spain. It's probably fair to say that you won't be thinking of Namibia !

And yet this Palm Stone, cut from Namibian Fluorite found in the Erongo Mountains, is just gorgeous !

Lay it down on a surface and it looks perhaps green/grey in colour. Hold it up to the light however, and you can easily see bright bands of blue and purple !

This is a really lovely Palm Stone !

Size approx. 40mm x 26mm x 10mm
Weight approx. 18grms

Fluorite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Fluorite helps us with colds, flu, streptococcal infections, herpes, ulcers and wounds. It also helps with our physical sense of balance, with dizziness or vertigo and our sense of physical and mental co-ordination. It is said to help heal skin blemishes and lessen wrinkles. Fluorite strengthens teeth and bones, may help with nerve related pain and has also been used at the beginning stages of tumours.

Fluorite is a protective stone and one that helps us to cut through mental clutter. It dispels cluttered thoughts, helps us to focus and concentrate, and promotes clear, orderly thinking. It can quieten worrying and anxious thoughts about the future, releasing negativity and emotional blockages. Fluorite brings us mental stability where before there was only chaos and confusion. It is calming and helps us to foster impartiality. Fluorite helps us to see and understand the balances that are necessary to make relationships work and succeed. It is also said to improve both our memory and our memory recall.

Fluorite allows us to recognise the purity of the universe and helps us to connect to a higher guidance during meditation.


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