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High Atlas Jasper, Thicker Polished Slab No2


High Atlas Jasper, Thicker Polished Slab
you will receive this exact polished slab

This is a thick slice of High Atlas Jasper with the edges left natural and unpolished. It is a substantial, heavy piece with a "rugged" or "naturalistic" appearance.

Of course both the front and back have been polished to show off the amazing patterns within this very unusual stone.

High Atlas Jasper is found in the Atlas Mountains in the North of Morocco where the mountains themselves separate the Atlantic Ocean from the Sahara Desert.

Although called High Atlas Jasper, technically this stone is a type of fine-grained, and very hard, Siltstone, a sedimentary rock.

It is an opaque form of Silica and is found in varying shades of brown, rust red, orange, cream and tan. The almost metallic red and brown veins running through this stone are Iron compounds and the whole mix or blend of colours makes for a very attractive stone.

This particular piece is mostly a deep red and orange/yellow colour.

A wonderful - and unusual - stone with gorgeous patterns that talk to us of ancient landscapes.

Size approx. 135mm x 60mm x 14mm
Weight approx. 297grms

High Atlas Jasper Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

High Atlas Jasper is a protecting and grounding stone that is said to bestow strength. It is believed to be good for general non-specific aches and pains and for stabilising health and in fortifying the immune system. It is also said to help keep our energy high and is thought to be beneficial for the stomach, in cases of water retention and with balancing the mineral content of the body.

High Atlas Jasper can help to balance our emotional energies. It can encourage us to look for variety in our life and to enjoy new experiences. It helps to make us much more flexible in our thinking and decision making. High Atlas Jasper helps us to be kinder to ourselves and to other people too. In fact, more than that, it helps us to bring joy into other people's lives and to help them to be the best that they can.

High Atlas Jasper shows us that meditation may be possible during any activity. It is also said to stimulate contact with loved ones who have passed over and helps us to better communicate with animals. For those who journey, High Atlas Jasper helps to start the process of astral travel and ensures our safety while doing so.


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