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Darwin Glass No9


Darwin Glass
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Darwin Glass is the result of a meteorite, nowdays estimated to have been about 30-40 metres across, hitting the Earth with such force that part of the Earths crust, the local rocks and the meteorite itself all melted and fused together in the huge amounts of heat and energy that were released from the impact.

To visualise the size of the explosion today, you would need to imagine several atomic bombs exploding at once!

All the newly created Darwin Glass was thrown westwards into a "strewn field" covering an area of some 160 square miles near Mount Darwin in the West Coast Ranges of Tasmania, South of Queenstown.

The Darwin Glass found so far shows a colour range from grey/white through to pale green and dark green and on to black. Modern thinking is that the darker pieces contain more of the meteorite and the paler ones contain more of the Earth rock, but that is just a theory at present.

It is found in many forms. Pieces with folds, with twists, pieces like droplets and dozens of other shapes too. It has been estimated to be around 816,000 years old.

Later on, Darwin Glass gave its name to a large crater nearby that is thought to be the site where the meteorite actually struck the Earth.

Darwin Glass has a high vibration. The pieces emanate a powerful energy that can be felt by many who open themselves to it. It is an excellent crystal to help us further develop our spiritual side.

It helps to connect together our heart and upper chakras and our higher etheric chakras too. It helps to clear blockages from these chakras and to bring them into alignment.

This opening of the crown and third eye chakras in particular helps us to meditate much more easily and to better visualise beings in the higher realms. At the same time, it also helps us to receive spiritual guidance from the highest source.

Most definitely, a crystal for those who wish to develop their spiritual outlook on life.

In our more usual everyday world, Darwin Glass can help us to let go of anger, anxiety, uncertainty and fear about troubling events occurring on Earth at this moment in time.

Size approx. 22mm x 16mm x 7mm
Weight approx. 2.49grms


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