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Fairy Stone No5


Fairy Stone
you will receive this exact stone

This flattened stone come from the shores of the Harricana River in Quebec, Canada.

They are quite unique to that location. They are completely 100% natural and they are extremely tactile !

Size approx. 60mm x 45mm x 8mm
Weight approx. 25grms

Fairy Stones Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

These wonderful stones are technically called "Concretions" and are made from very fine sand and clay that has been compressed together for millions of years.

Although you can find concretions all over the world, the form and shape of these are particular to Quebec and they are often smooth on the top side and occasionally have irregular lines and strange markings on the bottom side. These markings are caused by ancient miniature worms passing through the mud under the still damp stones as they were originally forming !

They are mostly found around the Harricana River in Quebec, Canada, where for hundreds of years the local Algonquin Native Indians have called them Fairy Stones. They were thought to bring good luck to the holder and lovers were known to pass these stones on to their partners. Much larger ones were often placed in the family home as protection from bad spirits.

It is believed that they are called Fairy Stones as they are carried along the river at high tides and deposited on the beach only to be visible at low tides, almost like the Fairies had left them there. In fact, the earliest Native Indians thought they looked like biscuits which is where the Harricana River gets its name from. In the local dialect Harricana means "River of Biscuits" !

A Fairy Stone can provide a safe space for us to work on our spiritual side. It can also help us to take care of small details and work in a more practical manner too. Fairy Stones also help foster a strong link with Mother Earth and help us to show a greater concern for our planet and for all of its peoples, animals and wildlife.


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