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Phosphosiderite Polished Pebble No3


Polished Phosphosiderite Pebble

Phosphosiderite (pronounced as Foss-foe-Sid-er-right) is a lovely pink stone found in Chille and Argentina.

It is not an even tone pink however and has patches of lighter or darker pink and sometimes has veins or patches of other colours running through it too.

This is a lovely polished pebble. A great piece of Phosphosiderite with a super colour.

Size approx. 63mm x 52mm x 25mm
Weight approx. 92grms

Phosphosiderite Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Phosphosiderite is thought to be beneficial in treating disorders of the skin and the hair. It is also said to revitalize the brain and the motor functions of the body. It is also useful when we wish to detox our body.

Phosphosiderite is an excellent healing stone and is often called the "The Stone of Healing and Hope". It helps to ensure that we do not have negative emotional responses to every new situation we come across and it also helps to reduce anger. It instils within us a sense of comfort and tranquillity and helps us to find both balance and stability in our lives. It also increases our mental power and our intellectual abilities and helps us to generally experience more joy in this life.

Phosphosiderite can open our higher chakras and our subtle bodies in order to receive downloads of high vibrational energy. This energy helps to connect us to the subtle aspects of our self and helps us to understand our daydreams, our imaginings and our distant memories. It can help to expand our awareness, smooth our auric field and retrieve lost fragments of our soul. Phosphosiderite also helps us to access both the Akashic Records and our own past life experiences.


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