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Black Onyx Raven No3


Black Onyx Raven
you will receive this exact carving

Super carving of a wonderful raven, cut from Black Onyx and polished to a high shine.

This piece was mined, hand-carved and polished in Peru.

He is a lovely shiny black with yellow eyes.

From a spirit animal point of view, raven energy brings us self-knowledge, introspection and can shift our consciousness. Ravens are frequently shown in films, in stories, in fables and in ancient sagas as birds that mediate between life and death, travelling between the two dimensions at will.

Despite the fact that a flock of ravens is called "an Unkindness of Ravens" and that they seem to be associated with witches, skulls and dark deeds, in Norse mythology, Odin had two ravens serving as his eyes and ears - and in Native American mythology, it was a raven that brought the world into light.

Size approx. 41mm x 30mm x 29mm
Weight approx. 31grms

Black Onyx Properties and Meaning
Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning

Black Onyx is believed to help with disorders of the bone marrow and soft tissue and, in addition, with disorders of the feet.

Black Onyx is a supportive stone and an ideal one to carry in times of difficulty and/or confusion. It helps to reduce stress and enhances our own self control. It also helps us to make wise decisions. Black Onyx helps us to release past grief and sorrow and it also encourages good fortune and happiness.

Black Onyx helps to centre and align our total person with the higher powers. It balances our Yin-Yang energies and also helps us to absorb from the universe, only those energies which we need. Black Onyx helps us to not only be aware of, but also to receive, feel and understand the guidance. It is very much a stone that can help us to follow the path alone and to be the master of our own future. Since ancient times, Black Onyx has been a favourite for those engaged in scrying and/or magical work.


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